What exactly is the Law of Connection?


Here is a quick video defining the Law of Connection:

When we live by the Law of Connection, there is more peace, compassion, and love in the world.

When we don’t live by this law, ego takes over and there is more heartache, fear, separation and isolation in the world. Ego is necessary—because it is the protection layer that keeps us safe from whatever harms or dangers may arise—but, more often than not, ego is unhelpful.

See, the ego is, by definition, self-centered and selfish. It doesn’t care about others and strives to win, without regard to those who are hurt along the way. It wants to separate us from those around us by creating conflict, divisions, and strife.

The Law of Connection teaches that all we do to others is really all we do to ourselves. So if we live by ego and live life through that win-lose lens of competition, we create greater unhappiness in the world.

In contrast, if we live by our true authentic natures, we see the greatness in others easily and readily, and we recognize that the greatness we see in others is a reflection of our own greatness.

The Law of Connection pushes us to connect with our true selves and the authenticity in others. Living by this law results is less judgment, more compassion and a happier, more loving world. and reach out to those around us.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s spread more love by living a little more aligned with the Law of Connection and see those we love as their highest and best self.