Thank you for being a participant in our Limitless Tribe Case Trial.

  • The supplements you have been given are NOT FOR RESALE.
  • You must be over 18 years of age to participate in the Limitless Tribe Case Study.
  • Only two units are allowed per household.

You have been given this product free of charge on the condition that you participate in the Limitless Tribe Case Study for 30 days, which includes taking the pre-survey, a 7-day survey, and a post- trial survey.

Please follow the following instructions exactly:

  1. Sign the Limitless Tribe Case Study Consent Form CLICK HERE.
  2. Take the pre-trial survey CLICK HERE
  3. Consider starting a project to use as a tangible focus for evaluating your results (i.e. learn a language, memorize a poem, build a shed, start a fitness regime).
  4. Follow the instructions below for taking the supplements with your daily breakthrough.
  5. Use your journal to take notes on your physical, mental, and emotional state each day. Pay attention to increases in positive emotions, calmness, improved mental function, etc. The description of each supplement below provide you with examples of what to look for.
  6. After 7 days, provide feedback on your experience to date using the 7-day survey. CLICK HERE
  7. After 30 days, finish the experience by taking the post-trial survey. CLICK HERE 

Instructions for using the supplements:

Limitless Intuition: With a unique blend of essential oils, Limitless Intuition grounds you and opens you mind, so you are ready for the breakthroughs you seek, with new calm and clarity. This unique combination of essential oils triggers the olfactory system, causing a release of positive neurotransmitters. Other benefits include mood enhancement, better sleep, stress reduction and overall emotional well-being.

Directions: Every time you do a Breakthrough process, you’ll first create an open state of mind by applying Limitless Intuition. Simply roll on the essential oil formula, applying to any skin area. It makes for a beautiful start to the day, and an inspiring moment at any time you are seeking change.

Limitless Power: Experience the Limitless Power of your own brain! Scientifically proven nootropic ingredients stimulate neurogenesis, massively increasing your ability to learn and change. Each of the ingredients has been selected for its scientifically established benefits to brain performance. These benefits include enhanced cognition, improved focus, sharper memory recall, and better thinking skills.

Directions: As a foundation, take two capsules of Limitless Power each morning with your first Daily Breakthrough process. Additionally, you can safely add two more capsules at any time you need to build up extra cognitive power—for example when you’re approaching a major work assignment, or tackling a challenging life situation.

Limitless Presence: This proprietary natural formula balances your emotions and lifts your spirits. Limitless Presence helps you find joy in your breakthroughs and the resulting life changes. Every ingredient has been demonstrated to contribute a calming and balancing effect on the brain. These benefits include relaxation without drowsiness, better sleep, more positive mood, and a reduction in nervous tension.

Directions: Take two capsules of Limitless Presence each evening to integrate your personal breakthroughs. Additionally, this calming formula can be a great support whenever you are in need of deeper, more nourishing sleep.