Practice unconditional love today by selecting a relationship you wish to improve and play  the “Unconditional Love Game.”

Follow these four daily steps today to show unconditional love to your partner today:

  1. Ask this person what you can do to show love to him or her.
  2. Do what he or she asks, no matter what.
  3. Have no expectation of love in return.
  4. Check back at the end of each day for feedback.

Some important things to think about as you play:

  • Unconditional love leaves zero room for ANY condition or expectation—GET RID OF THEM. If you need to, practice belief breakthrough to eliminate those conditions. Ultimately, the conditions and expectations we place upon others are founded in our own beliefs.
  • Do what is asked in the same spirit of unconditional love for even greater results. The energy we complete the task in does make a difference.
  • Receive feedback with an unconditional heart and mind—don’t judge or criticize or scoff at the feedback received. Honestly contemplate what this person is telling you.

For even greater results, take the 30-day challenge and do this EVERY DAY FOR 30 DAYS.

We’d love to hear how it goes—Connect with us on our Facebook Limitless Tribe page and share your results.