Limitless Destiny was incredible.

Webs of limiting beliefs were created and destroyed.

New Uplife oils were launched, beliefs were burst through and released during a new process, and wonderful presentations were given.

Here’s what people are saying about Limitless Destiny:

 “I received so many downloads.” – Dawnann B.

“Very much enjoyed Tracy Gibb’s presentation. Great stuff. I’m now adding colors to every meal. The smoothie I just made has red, purple, blue, yellow, green, and orange, all are vegetables.” – Brent H.

“I loved meeting amazing people from all over the world that found [Limitless] through YouTube.” – Marianne D.

“Amy Kraync delivered her most expressive and charismatic presentation ever.” Kris K.

“I envisioned my beliefs being shattered behind me as I walked into my new beliefs, right before the balloon process – it was so perfect when everyone started popping their balloons, I turned around with my back to the crowd, closed my eyes and envisioned each of those balloons exploding was a LB!” – Wylene B.

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