I went to an event at the start of the year that greatly challenged my level of thinking and my abilities to achieve my goals. In a moment of great epiphany, I experienced one of the greatest financial breakthroughs of my life, and I knew it was time to make a decision—a decision about GIVING.

I’ve always supported my church through tithing and other charitable contributions, but I never did so in a manner that has truly pushed me. I began thinking about the mouths that I wanted to feed, the girls that I wanted to free from sex slavery, the people living abroad in underprivileged circumstances lacking the basic necessities of life, and those people around me in my backyard needing a hand up.

How could I help them?

As I pondered on how to give back in a greater capacity than ever before, a number that would stretch me beyond anything I have done before came to mind.

That number was SO BIG it scared me.

Even though I was scared, I knew this was my giving goal for the year, and faith surged through my body. I saw how I could mobilize all of my resources and our amazing Limitless Tribe to make this possible.

The number was so big that I knew I would need I would need to learn how to think very differently and even become a different person.

Becoming a Philanthropist

See, I’ve never considered myself a philanthropist, but I know but now it’s my time to do that. Inspiring friends like Ann Webb who have made giving they’re full time profession.

A couple weeks passed and I experienced a moment of deep humility as my next great moment of revelation revealed an even greater way to give:

I could dedicate all the proceeds that come through Limitless, its ticket sales, its event revenue and every higher-level program investment to make this giving dream come true.

I experienced a great softening of my heart and knew that it was time to dedicate all this passion, all of this life-changing information—the talent and resources of so many coming together—to a far greater vision, mission, and purpose.

My wife and I both feel strongly that this is the right direction for us and our amazing Limitless tribes. Our prayer and hope now is that we can do as much good in the world as possible.

Together, we will easily exceed the original financial goal that once seemed so scary to me.

Together we will create a legacy to change the world.

More details to come–