Maybe I couldn’t be a doctor because I got a “C” in organic Chemistry. I retook the class and got a C-minus!?!

We all have weaknesses. But we also have strengths. Mine is in statistics! I was first in my class in college. And when my financial mentor couldn’t answer the question, “Which of the top 30 strategies for creating wealth in real estate is best?” I wrote a simple algorithm for the best strategy based on the following six criteria:

  • Least TIME,
  • Least EFFORT,
  • Least RISK,
  • Works in Up & Down Markets
  • Provides a valuable Service
  • Makes the most MONEY


I dumped all of the various real estate strategies into the equation and a hybrid strategy emerged as the single best way of making money in real estate… Especially for me — since I had no money.

Want to know what it is?!

Compassionate Financing… It’s a Lease Option with a twist!

I based my entire original portfolio on this strategy and 4 ½ years later I had 25 properties producing my first six-figure residual income. I quit my job and never looked back. This original portfolio would turn into hundreds of homes and has been the financial backing for all my success and passions.


After I made serious money in real estate with lease options, I began teaching my 1-day lease option course for $3,000 and people were lining up! Since then I have graduated to using my own money and other people’s money to acquire all the real estate I want.


When I started this Youtube channel, I had no idea it would grow so big and introduce me to so many of you. I get comments every day asking how I can help you get started the way I did.

Up until recently, people needed $35K+ and good credit to partner with me on deals, or just to get access to my surplus deals in the best parts of the country, but I have decided to create something extra special for you…


Instead of charging $3,000 I am going to do something very different… This 15-track year-long proven course includes… My Lease Option Live Course: We will teach you the most successful lease option system on the planet, which includes maximizing profits while eliminating tenant headaches. You will learn how to buy houses with a lease and then sell them to other people with little or no money.

The $3,000 course includes:

See what my students have said:

Are we going to do this!?

but I KNOW it’s the best option to help my Youtube fans and friends get started just like me.

What if I cut the price of this course in half or more to give you everything you need?


I am offering this course for $1,500. When you talk with my team ask them how you can also qualify to get it for even under a $1,000. I really want you to crush it AND I want awesome positive feedback on the course and your results so I am going to throw in some awesome bonuses…

Friends that’s almost $6,000 in bonuses, PLUS you are paying over $2,000 less for the course. That’s as crazy and juicy as I can make it for you.

Speak with me and my team about all the details so we can help you start investing in real estate with as little as NO money and NO credit!

To start your journey, speak with me and my team. Just submit your contact information and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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QUESTION: Can I really do deals with no money and no credit?

ANSWER:  Yup. Money and credit are the two reasons why most investors fail. Avoid the unnecessary risk by doing deals with little or no money down. You do this by buying up hot deals with a lease option and then selling them on lease option.

QUESTION: Why Cant I just purchase your system on your site?

ANSWER:  The most important part of the Course is the ongoing support through my $15,000 private Facebook real estate community. Here you get to ask questions, get assistance, and learn from not only me, but my team and the experience of my other investors. I limit the number of investors on my Facebook page AND my Facebook community is only for serious investors. Me and my team speak with first to ensure that you are a good fit for the program and out successful community.

QUESTION: How is your system different than other Lease Options I have heard of?

ANSWER:  Nobody can touch my lease option system for 3 big reasons…

  1. Track Record. Me and my team have documented over $750,000 in real estate transactions—yup, almost a billion!
  2. Everyone else is putting you at extreme risk because they use a lease option contract with the lease and option agreement in one document. This exposes you to potential lawsuits where the court can rule in favor of your tenant based on a purchase. I invented the two contract system that no one else uses creating safety and security.
  3. I build private portfolios for my clients with a lot of money. We have a private Facebook community to teach, ask questions and support each other. I let you into this community for rockstar support.

QUESTION: Will this work in my area?

ANSWER:  Nearly every country in the world uses leases with options to purchase. Just google it! My system is adaptable to any place on the map who do. All you need is a contract modification to take your countries bylaws into account.

QUESTION:How does your system work?

ANSWER:  When you join, you get immediate access to my password protected system which gives you everything you need:

  1. 10 days of training videos  roughly 30 minutes each
  2. Follow along manual
  3. My Straight Path to Real Estate Wealth book both in ebook and audio formats
  4. Toolbox with editable copies of all the fliers and contracts
  5. Immediate access to my private Facebook community for ongoing support.

You can go faster or slower if you want. The information does not expire!

QUESTION: Are there other expenses or other programs to make this work?

ANSWER: Nope. This program contains everything you need to do lease options. You will find deals that require either some down payment or no down payment. If you go with a deal that needs a few thousands dollars, that is your choice. Some really good deals can be worth it. But don’t worry, if you don’t have the cash to do those then offer them up to other investors for a finders fee and stick with the no money down deals!

QUESTION: Of everything you could offer, why lease options?

ANSWER: Are you kidding me?! Hand down, this is the MOST important real estate training you will EVER receive! Why? Because it is the best way to learn creative real estate to avoid money and banks. I retired at 26 with this exact system on a six figure residual income.

If you want the strategy with the least time, effort and risk while making the most money in any real estate market, then this is your option.

QUESTION: How old do I need to be do this?

ANSWER: Listen, I started at 22 years old and retired 4 years later. I would have done it sooner if I had had a mentor like me in my life to show me the ropes. I helped my younger brother start way sooner and he’s gone on to crush it in real estate like thousands of my clients.

The best part about this system is that I have older teens doing this! Remember, DON’T need Credit OR cash!

Sound to good to be true? Listen, your going to need to pick up the phone, make some calls, talk to people and do a little driving. If your not up for that, then don’t do it.

QUESTION: Is this program the Best fit for me?

ANSWER: MAYBE. If you have little money and want to put a little time into this, then you are in the right place.

If you have 35K cash and want to be totally passive, then check out my partnering program where my team will lay out a custom game plan, find all the deals, fix up, lease and essentially do everything.

QUESTION: Will this work for me?

ANSWER: The most important real estate is between your ears. When you join the program I am gifting you two $497 tickets to my monthly 3 day mindset training course. I hope you come sometime your first year and experience how your real estate can grow so much faster with a positive limitless mindset.

Speak with me and my team about all the details so we can help you start investing in real estate with as little as NO money and NO credit!

To start your journey, speak with me and my team. Just submit your contact information and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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