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6 Figure Mentor Academy

Mentor Academy

We All Have a Message and a Mission

Your most fulfilling and highest paying business is as a messenger, coach or mentor.


At this Special 3-day Limitless 6 Figure Mentor Academy You will Learn…

  • How to launch your six-figure coaching business within 120 days
  • How to produce the few leads you need for the entire month in a single day
  • The ONLY marketing strategy you need to hit 6 figures with ultra part time effort
  • How to get people to enroll without an uncomfortable sales pitch


February 15-17, 2018

Limitless Offices
518 W 800 N, Suite 204
Orem, UT 84057


Kris Krohn – Limitless Founder

“My mission is to launch mentors. Our world has never been in greater need of skilled healers who can help people shift out of their limitations. Everything you see me do at Limitless is trainable AND I can help you. If you possess no mentoring skills yet I need 120 days. If you possess the skills then I need 48 hours. Either way come and get started now.”

Marianne DeNovellis – Head Trainer

“Kris Krohn gave me the 3 simple steps I needed and within a week I has at $94,000 in sold contracts. I have always wanted to be a life changing coach. Kris gave me the skills and the system. Now it feels like I own my own gold mine and I can go in on any day at any moment and reap the incredible rewards of changing lives while living in abundance.”

This information has been worth well over a million dollars to me. You can attend and learn all of this for only $297.


Days 1 – 3
8:30 a.m. – Registration
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
General Session
(Lunch break will be provided)

“Seriously, the system worked so well that the first day I started the system I got a response and a few days later it turned into $5,000. Its surprising how easy that was.” Wylene Benson


“By following what I’ve been taught through Mentor Maker, I have created a mentoring program and started scheduling my first discovery sessions.  I just had my very first discovery session and closed my first paid mentoring client for $3,000!  I had made a decision that for the first couple prospective clients I would offer a discounted price just to build my confidence.  This client is getting my $5K program for $3K and honestly I think I could have still mentored with her at the $5K price.  Once I told her the final price at the end, she knew she had to jump on it.  I’m excited for the next discovery sessions that are scheduled!”  Jennifer Buss

“All I needed was a money breakthrough and then I started and a day later I had my first $10,000 client.” Joshua David


“Okay, I have been in the coaching business for years but I wasn’t consistently finding the right clients who were willing to pay me what I am worth. It was hard work to find the right clients and although I would have a $10,000.00 sale every now and then I knew I wasn’t living up to my potential and reaching the all the people I am meant to bless. After I started this new system with Kris Krohn, I am so grateful and excited to see how easy it is for me to connect with and bless a number of ideal potential clients so quickly and within a week of starting the system I closed two of them into my high end $10,000 program!”  Janae Adamson

Price: $297 REGISTER NOW

FREE for Ambassadors (with $99/month subscription) –  Registration is required – Call Event Registration at 801-679-4726.



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